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Happio is a shortcut between you and your fans. Sign up here and begin making happy moments for those who admire you.

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  • All requests in one place

    Finally, fan contact has become easy and simple! All you need to do is record a video and press Submit. We take care of everything else.

  • No strings attached

    You are always free to reject a request. You can also easily pause your profile if you're busy.

  • Make someone's day, week, month or year

    Personal one-to-one connection is something unique. A Happio video will usually be given as a present, so you'll be making fans' birthdays, weddings, graduations etc. into something extra special.

  • Extra income for you – or for your charity of choice

    Happio provides a source of income that's there all year round. If you wish, you can also use Happio to raise funds for a cause you hold dear.

Make someone's day, year or life

There are more than you probably imagine who would absolutely love to receive a personal video greeting from you. But most of them don't know how to reach out to you or would never even have the idea.

With Happio, all your requests will be neatly stacked in one pile. It's simple, secure and smooth! It's also much more than just greetings: Every day, people send peptalks, invitations, advice, jokes -even declarations of love - through Happio.