About Happio

Happio is a live, Danish platform for fan contact. We give you the opportunity to surprise someone you care about with a completely personal video greeting from one of their idols. Our mission is to spread joy and create magical moments in everyday life. Show your love for those you love by giving them a magical moment. A personal video greeting from an idol is something you can think back on with joy for the rest of your life.

Or use Happio creatively for wild surprises, pep talks or jokes ...

Here's how you do it:
Choose one of the profiles on our front page, press "Order greeting", write a little to the profile about who the greeting is for and what you want the profile to say, and then press "Order", then there is a personal video greeting on its way to you within 7 days.



We make fan contact in person.

We make the unattainable achievable.

We unleash the joy.